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My Thoughts

"Good design is good business" - Thomas Watson uttered those words back in 1950, and I feel that quote is even more pertinent today than it was all those years ago; and it resonates with my own approach, not just to logo design but to graphic design in general.

Good design isn't just about making something look pretty, it's about communicating the right values, aspirations, and the right voice to the intended audience. Starting out with good design is like giving your child the best possible start in life.

Sure, bad design can look pretty on paper, but made without thought or reason and it may target the wrong demographic, give off negative messages or just confuse the audience. These are things every business owner wants to avoid, but unfortunately it's what a lot of them get without really realising it.

A good designer will approach each job from an artistic sense, as well as (if not more so) from a commercially viable sense, and I think that's the one thing that separates good design from bad, and good business from bad business.

As a designer, my pleasure often comes weeks, months or even years after a project has been completed. It's only then that we can both look back and see what a positive difference good design has made to their business.

Interviews & recognition

Over the years there have been some people kind enough to have shown an interest in my logo design, graphic design, my business approach and even some of my photography.

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MacUser: MacUser Award
cap and design
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digital creative arts
Digital Arts: Showcase
oxford handbook
Oxford Uni: Interview
3D world
3D World: Showcase
computer arts
Computer Arts: Article
digital arts
Creative Arts: Interview
digital photography
TDP: Showcase


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If you are an independent designer wanting to collaborate on projects, please send a short email and a link to your portfolio to: studio@jpink.co.uk